#FranClub100 is made up of the first 100 donors to this historic campaign. I believe in the power of the collective and am extremely grateful for the generous donations that keep this campaign moving forward. From $5 to $5000, your support is truly appreciated!

I am uniquely qualified and ready to serve the families of Harris County as the Presiding Judge of Harris County Probate Court 5. Every dollar given builds a campaign infrastructure that allows this campaign to touch voters across the county.

Thank you for your contribution and the belief in my ability to compassionately and equitably serve the people of Harris County as the next Judge of Harris County Probate Court 5.

-Fran Watson

Kristin Anderson

Kris Banks

Tye Blue

Gayland Capps

James Cargas

Dakota Carter

Erica Lee Carter

Dalton DeHart

Judson Dunn

Michael Elizabeth

Kelly Epstein

Erin Eriksen

Joanetta Fields van Rijn

Bob Glazier

Jamie Gonzales

Andrea Greer

Brent Haight

Frances Hutchins

Robert Icsezen

Todd Latham

Deborah Lawson

Ryan Lindsay

Lisa Madry

John Marron

Noelle McSherry

Beth Merfish

Dona Murphey

Evan O’Neil

Dustin Provance

Annette Ramirez

Brian Riedel

Anuradha Samarajiva

Antonio Smyrnis (Pride Drive Donor)

Tarah Taylor

Kendall Toarmina

Travis Torrence

Chloe Louise Walker

Kimberlie Watson

Kim Watson

Lou Weaver

Logan Workman

#FranClub100 members listed above have given permission for their names to be published. Those wishing not to be publicly recognized have not been included on this list.